Glenstal Abbey Ireland

Youth Group Tours

Celtic Footstep Tours are the experts in creating and managing itineraries for youth groups trips to Ireland.  We have the expertise, local knowledge and local contacts to deliver memorable experiences for Youth Groups and Journey to Adulthood pilgrimage groups in Ireland

You will explore ancient Irish churches that echo the land of saints and scholars.  Visit many of the numerous pilgrimage sites throughout the island of Ireland.  Enjoy outdoor activities - spend time on a farm, climb Croagh Patrick - Ireland's holy mountain, walk ancient pilgrimage routes and learn how to play the ancient game of hurling.

Meet and share experiences with local Irish Youth Groups.  Participate in an archaeological dig or help with a local community initiative. Learn a traditional Irish Ceili Dance, to play the bodhran, to speak a few words of Gaelic.  Learn about the Peacemaking process in Northern Ireland, Ancient Irish TraditionsCeltic Spirituality or the 1916 rising.

We can manage all group sizes and ensure the most memorable trip to Ireland.  Whether you need hostel accommodation, host families, unique camping options, hotels or castles - Celtic Footstep can take care of all arrangements. We have a wide variety of tried and tested accommodations.  We can also book behind the scenes tours, meet the experts on Ireland tours, meet the locals and experience traditional Irish Music tours.  Contact the dedicated youth group team here.

Do you have school groups, local youth groups, young people interested in history, in travel and learning more about Ireland's ancient past?  Come and visit the Emerald Isle and immerse your group in all things Irish.  We can arrange specific youth group tours including adventure activities and suitable visits and attractions for younger people.  We have expert Irish Tour Guides who are great with young groups.

Click here to view sample itineraries for Youth Groups and Journey to Adulthood Pilgrimages