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Study, Academic & Alumni Group Tours to Ireland

Look for your next Alumni Trip?  Vacation in Ireland with your Alumni group and discover the Emerald Isle like never before! Celtic Footstep arrange study tours and academic programmes on any aspect of Irish life.

We have unrivaled experience of arranging academic and/or cultural seminars in the areas of Theatre, Literature, Ancient Customs & Traditions, Gaelic Culture, Irish Music and Dance, Politics, Celtic Spirituality, Christian Heritage, Northern Ireland, Peace and Conflict Studies and the 1916 Rising.  Our study tours are customized to meet your requirements.

Whether you want to explore the depths of Trinity College, the history of University College Cork or hear from the experts at the National University of Ireland Galway - your academic trip to Ireland will ensure you meet the locals, experience the true Ireland and have the most memorable trip to Ireland with your alumni group.

Include traditional Irish Entertainment, Irish Traditional Music and Dance on your next trip to Ireland.  We work with dancers from Riverdance, world famous traditional Irish Musicians to create private entertainment gala evenings including drinks reception, dinner and more.

Meet experts on your chosen area of interest including genealogy, finding your Irish roots, Irish heritage, Irish Culture, Irish Celtic Mythology.  We can arrange expert talks in unique historic venues including medieval castles, traditional Irish cottages, historic universities and more.

We have worked with hundreds of Alumni over the years and most recently managed groups from Princeton University and Saint Francis University in the United States.  We have also managed large numbers of Study group trips to Ireland from the United States, South America and more.

sample itineraries for study, academic & alumni Groups

Princeton Alumni Group Tour Ireland

Exploring Celtic Christianity in the Land of Saints & Scholars

High Crosses of Ireland Study Tour